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Daniel’s Posture video

A short film with me discussing how the heartlift or solar panel posture process came about

Fantastic Video about Pain by Lorimer Mosely

Sleep is your superpower

Ted talk about the profound importance of sleep, watch this if you want a better memory, better health and a longer life

Daniel’s TED sit

TED Talk about being present and yours truly appears in it

Power of eating healthy

How a natural diet brought a Dr back from degenerative MS to health, amazing story and deeply inspiring

Treat your own Vertigo

Excellent self-help procedure for treating vertigo.

Pain and Brain 

Video about the neuroscience of pain, really funny, really good explanation.

Intermittent Fasting 

Dr Micheal Mosely’s BBC documentary about the benefits of fasting.

The Fuzz Speech

This video by Gill Hedley shows how tissue builds up around old injury and causes you to feel tight, especially in the morning.

When the body says no 

Importance of listening to your body


Why sitting is bad for you

This TED talk explains in simple terms why sitting is bad.

Holistic Health

A nice look at holistic health and a great way to see there is more to being healthy than just working on your body

Do healing miracles really happen?

Medical doctor Lissa Ranking shares evidence based stories of how human body is capable of recovering from life threateneing illness

Posture Amy Cuddy

Classic TED talk.
Great for anyone who owns a body and wants to feel strong in it.

My Friend Stress

Based on research, this explores how the issue isn’t really stress, its more about what we think

Extreme Exercise Hurts Heart

Extreme exercise can be great for body fitness and it can also put a big strain on your heart. This video is by a cardiologist who was once an extreme distance runner

Backwards Bike

This shows how you can know something in your head but not know it in your body

Never Give up

Shows you what you can do if you get a double dose of determination

Dont try to control your mind 

Lovely way of describing how our thoughts don’t need to be controlled because they will pass if you allow them to be just thoughts

Fasting improves health

This TED talk looks into the benefits of fasting to your health and brain function. The idea is fasting is good for you

Core Stability Myth

Argument against core stability

How to Avoid Rejection

This is a practical way to help you take ownership of yourself and stand strong without getting upset when you feel you are being rejected. It is by Marisa Peer, a very well established life coach. I

The Biggest Disease Affecting Humanity: “I’m Not Enough” by Marisa Peer

Another cool video that talks about how so many of us secretly harbour the idea that we are not enough. Not enoughness is a silent epidemic of modern times. You are enough, watch Marisa’s video and take it on board

Dr John Sarno Lecture

This video is 2 hours long. It is amazing. If you watch it you may never need to see me again.

Understanding how the brain creates pain from a medical perspective

hour long video of a presentation to medical professionals, very watchable. Tells you how your brain messes with you to give you pain.

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