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Daniel’s Posture video

A short film with me discussing how the heartlift or solar panel posture process came about

Fantastic Video about Pain by Lorimer Mosely

Sleep is your superpower

Ted talk about the profound importance of sleep, watch this if you want a better memory, better health and a longer life

Pain and Brain 

Video about the neuroscience of pain, really funny, really good explanation.

The Fuzz Speech

This video by Gill Hedley shows how tissue builds up around old injury and causes you to feel tight, especially in the morning.

Posture Amy Cuddy

Classic TED talk.
Great for anyone who owns a body and wants to feel strong in it.

Extreme Exercise Hurts Heart

Extreme exercise can be great for body fitness and it can also put a big strain on your heart. This video is by a cardiologist who was once an extreme distance runner

Core Stability Myth

Argument against core stability

Dr John Sarno Lecture

This video is 2 hours long. It is amazing. If you watch it you may never need to see me again.

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