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  1. My husband and I have been extremely satisfied with Daniel’s professional manner and level of care; hence we have no hesitations in recommending him to others.

  2. Daniel is the best osteo I’ve ever had. I have been going to different various ones for years and he is the only osteo that has fixed my back issues. He is a lovely guy…very professional and has a great sense of humor ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I have been seeing Daniel for a year now as I suffer regular neck and back pain! For the first time in my adult life, I have been able to go months without headaches! Daniel is amazing at what he does! As well as being an amazing Osteopath, Daniel has also helped me to get rid of a fear of birds that I have had forever!! I cannot recommend Daniel highly enough- he is the best!!

  4. Daniel truly exemplifies holistic health. He builds an honest & collaborative client/practitioner relationship imparting knowledge, wisdom and practical processes that you can take forward into all areas of life.
    It is said it takes 10,000 hours of practice to achieve mastery in any field – see Daniel and be healed by a master. You know immediately that you are being treated by someone drawing from an enormous base of practical experience. Contact Daniel now and experience what he can do. You will never look back.

  5. Daniel has reversed my progressively worsening back pain and thanks to his treatment I am now on a steady and sustained path of gaining more flexibility and enjoying a more active life. I only wish I had gone to see him sooner! Very highly recommended.

  6. I can truly say Daniel is the best osteo I have been to. More importantly, I also appear to be fixed! Highly recommended!

  7. I have been seeing Daniel for nearly 2 years with several different injuries, he has always been able to help relive pain and solve the issue and also keep on top of any minor flare ups. Daniels approach to patients and injuries also makes you feel very comfortable while receiving treatments. I highly recommend visiting Daniel for any injury.

  8. I had never been to an Osteopath before and Daniel is great. I highly recommend his services as he fixed my neck which was tense and knotted up and causing pain in my ear. I now feel great and will definitely be seeing him regularly to relieve tension. He also gives very helpful advice which is great!

  9. I am in my mid 50’s and was struggling to walk for more than 20 minutes before the pain just lock me up now I am walking up to 10 km with no issues. I have some long tern sport injury and have had a hip replacement and was getting bad migraine headaches and major back spasms. I started seeing Daniel weekly, then monthly now 6 weekly and I am a different man. I have recommend friend and family to Daniel who have all report great results.

  10. Having a severe neck injury and being a full time dancer is not a good combination. After months of seeing several different physiotherapists, my injury was going nowhere; and I was eventually referred to Daniel by my local doctor. I really wish I had gone sooner, because I began to see positive results after just three sessions. He has knowledge of not only injuries and how to fix them, but also a holistic approach to a healthy body and mind. I cannot recommend his services enough!

  11. I have seen various osteos, physios and chiropractors over the years with my sore back. Daniel is the first person to have made a noticeable difference! As I have been seeing Daniel I have had reduced back ache, and am finding myself for the first time ever being able to see Daniel for a once over every few months, without having any issues in between! That is a first for me!I highly recommend Daniel- he has me as a client for life!

  12. I was struggling for some months to overcome the constant pain and discomfort of a ruptured spinal disc and sciatica. I met an old friend who had been treated for severe back pain by Daniel and he recommended that I go to Daniel for a course of treatment. After attending several treatment sessions I have now got tremendous relief from my back pain and I would recommend Daniel to anyone suffering from back or neck pain or other associated discomforts. I am very pleased that I have been to him for treatment.

  13. I have been nursing since 1977, and have what I describe as a “Nurse’s back’. I have had two laminectomies over the years and was resigned to having to take voltaren SR every day for persistent back pain. I worried about the effect this medication was having on my gut and my liver. One of the nurses I work with recommended Daniel. I am so pleased I have met him and feel I am on the path to better health. I now only take an anti-inflammatory med three times a week, and feel I can cut down more. I am able to walk for longer and faster, dance twice a week and also enjoy Pilates twice a week without pain. Daniel’s approach is quite holistic as well as being hands on. I thoroughly recommend Daniel.

  14. I had been complaining of neck pain for along time, after I hurt it while doing home renovations, constant headaches took over my life, pain medication was only helping for a short while. Contacted Dan and was attending treatment. I must say he has made my life a lot better now. Dan was very caring and professional. I would truly recommend Manly Osteopath to anyone who has muscular pain, cause Dan can fix you. Thanks for your help Dan.

  15. I couldn’t walk into the Osteopath…..but after seeing Daniel….i could walk out….he obviously knew exactly what he was doing. … how to tackle the pain and discomfort…and i felt great afterwards…

  16. I wish I had seen Daniel years ago. Three years ago I had my leg amputated and since then have been in both physical and phantom pain. It got worse and worse. I waited nearly a year for the Pain Clinic and after five minutes they said they could not help me. I could see no light at the end of the tunnel. My wife booked me an appointment to see Daniel and I went along to please her (as I was the biggest sceptic going). After only three sessions I now have NO PAIN. Daniel has helped me both physically and mentally. He is my miracle man and I cannot recommend him strongly enough.

  17. A friend recommended Daniel after a shoulder injury. After one session I felt I was in the right place. I was very happy that Daniel could take in all considerations for my treatment, mental, lifestyle, and physical then come to a holistic approach. After a few more visits my shoulder is well rehabilitated. Pleased to have meet Daniel, great guy and would definitely recommend him to others.

  18. I had an accident at tennis in Sept 2014 , injuring my back, I had x-Rays and had physio and was told it would come right, deep Bone bruising.
    After 6months I was over the constant pain every morning and during activities,
    I’ve been seeing Daniel for 3 months and have been getting better each time, it was a
    Great journey Daniel not only helps on healing but in getting on with life and managing pain thru your recovery.
    He lets you know what you should expect with an injuries gradual healing , this is important as I’m so impatient , it was good for me to help me accept the slower journey of healing thru manipulation and time. Thank you Daniel you made the difference

  19. After 8 months of various other treatments for a twice sprained ankle, I was still unable to undertake my pre injury aerobics and dance classes due to the pain.
    In searching for another option I booked in with Daniel and just 6 treatments later I have now resumed my pre injury activities.
    A remarkable result from a highly talented Osteopath we are so fortunate to have in our neighbourhood.
    Daniel is very honest as to what he can do for you and was right on the money.
    Thank you Daniel I will happily recommend you to others without any hesitation whatsoever.

  20. I have had the pleasure of having Daniel work on sciatic and shoulder injuries, he is amazing, able to delve and understand the issues on all levels and deliver solutions that work. Highly recommend his professional level of service, care, and well-being management. He delivers real enduring results that work, I’m very impressed with his knowledge and application of treatment.

  21. AFter suffering neck, back and joint pain for weeks together with migraines and cluster headaches, I visted Daniel. AFter treatment, my head was so clear, no pain, and I slept all afternoon and then all though the night, waking up refreshed and ready to face the world.
    Thank you.

  22. As a landscape builder there are times when my back is locked up with a fair amount of pain and lack of sleep. Then I met Daniel three years ago after going to lots of different practices with no results and was so impressed with how quickly he got me moving again within one or two sessions. Daniel has a holistic approach with any injury which gives him an edge like no other.Not only will he fix you but he will put you in the right frame of mind before you walk out the door!
    Great attitude,lovely guy, and magic hands!
    I Highly recommend Daniel

  23. I have a partial spinal cord injury so am very careful who works with me. Daniel has worked with me to heal this new injury while addressing my underlying original injury. He has given helpful information and treatments which has promoted optimum results.

  24. Excellent osteopath with a wonderful holistic approach to healing. Has successfully helped to unravel a long term nerve problem. Would recommend to anyone.

  25. Having struggled for some time with neck pain, especially when getting out of bed in the morning I decided to seek help. Daniel was recommended to me by a family member. I have been seeing Daniel for quite a few months now and thanks to his treatment I have experienced a vast improvement. An unexpected ‘side effect’ that Daniels treatment had was that I haven’t had a migraine since his treatment started. I used to get migraines on average ones every 3 weeks. At the time of the initial assessment Daniel mentioned that he wouldn’t be surprised if I would experienced an improvement if not complete healing form migraine.
    Daniel, you were right. Thank you for your professional and friendly service.

  26. I have been a bricklayer by Trade for over 35 years. For the best part of 24 of those years, I have suffered with recurring, debilitating back pain caused by an injury suffered when I was 22. I had spent thousands of dollars on varying sources of โ€˜cureโ€™ and treatment for the pain and was ultimately both weary of the constant pain and tiresome of the various claims of cures. Having injured my back severely again in 2014, I patiently and silently, prepared to put up with yet more pain A friend recommended Daniel. With immense skepticism, I contacted him. I was probably very rude to Daniel on my first visit as the pain and my skepticism were both at their height. I listened to his diagnosis and prognosis for my condition and went away feeling hopeful but not convinced. I have been honestly amazed at how accurate he was with his advice and how, after exactly the period of time he told me, I was feeling so much better. I have been receiving treatment from Daniel for 3 months now. Waking up without pain is incredible! I keep up the exercises Daniel taught me, I return to him once every 3 months for a general check up. I cannot recommend Manly Osteopath highly enough. To those people out there who, like me, are doubtful, in pain, at the end of your tether and convinced nothing can help – take a leap of faith, contact Daniel. You wonโ€™t regret it.

  27. I have been so impressed with Daniel’s Treatment. Having been in a bad car accident years ago, I have been suffering from neck, back and shoulder pain ever since and have tried other practices including physiotherapy, other osteopaths, chiropractors and acupuncturists, all of which I have found relief for a day or two at most, with Daniel I have found relief between sessions for much longer and I always come out of Daniel’s sessions feeling so much more refreshed. Highly recommend him

  28. Without going esoterica in my feedback (OM), in my view, Daniel totally embodies compassion and mindfulness in his treatment, not just physical, but also emotional and holistically. And i am grateful our paths have crossed.

    My pinched nerves in my back have been improving rapidly so that after a few treatments, my pain is virtually all but gone. My problem has been establishing for a long time at a physical level, and Daniel managed to cut through to the root of the issues, and fix it within a very short time. This means i can sleep again, work again and live again without pain. Priceless.

    But with his holistic view on healing, he goes way beyond the physical. He has a innate ability to tune into what is going on and is able to provide insights that stretch beyond the pushing and pulling of the body.

    Thank you Daniel, my new best friend. ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. As someone who has suffered from shin splints for the last 2 to 3 years and tried a multitude of different treatments I was slightly skeptical about trying another treatment. However, this skepticism was ridiculous, as Daniel was incredible. From nearly immobilizing pain at the beginning of exercising to being pain free during a week long tournament, over the course of only a few months (during peak season), meant Daniel enabled me to perform without such a restriction.
    I am so grateful for the treatment Daniel has given me, and recommend him to as many people as possible who are suffering from a similar injury, or any other for that matter. Not only does he work on your predominant pain, but finds the source of it, something that has not been done in any of my other treatments.
    Thank you Daniel.

  30. I went to Daniel with a sore hip and feet problems. He has worked wonders on my hip and is continuing with my feet which are so much better than they were before I started treatment with him. I recommended him to my husband who has been suffering from hip pain / cramps going into the buttox. Daniel had one look at his feet and said he had to go to his GP as his pulse in his feet was very poor. This is amazing that it took an osteopath to recognise something was wrong and Doctors and Physio’s had not picked up on a problem. It has ended up that my husband has a huge blockage in his left artery and a narrowing of the right artery going to his legs. What can we say but thank you, thank you Daniel, you are one fantastic practitioner. I would recommend anyone, any age to take the time to visit Daniel. I am 100% sure he will fix your problem. Daniel has a wonderful patient / practitioner relationship, a experienced and knowledgeable Osteopath.

  31. I originally met Daniel in Kingsland where he practiced and was extremely impressed at how at his immediate and ACCURATE diagnosis of my shoulder problem – that was fixed within a couple sessions – as he will ascertain the root of the problem rather than treating the symptoms.
    Had other Osteos for different problems, but eventually chased Daniel down all the way in Whangaparaoa for a very annoying, recurring hip problem I’ve had trouble with for YEARS that he’s helped me with within A MONTH. Pain and restriction free for the first time in so very, very, long, I feel so FREE!!!
    There are people who are well trained or experienced, then rare people who have both as well as a natural talent. Daniel is this man. Well worth the 2 hour bus ride I take to get to you Daniel, thank you so so much!

  32. Wow!! What an amasing experience….. Daniel showed me how my response to pain prevented my body’s natural healing abilities….

    Not only did i get an osteo treatment… But invaluable insight into the mind…….
    I highly recommend his unique approach??

  33. I’ve been seeing Daniel for more than a year now, and his holistic approach to treatment has enabled me to see off chronic hip pain and nagging back pain. But more importantly for me, his broad knowledge and understanding of the interfaces between mental, emotional and physical states has given me a range of new tools that help me to manage my busy life in a positive way.

  34. Magic hands Dan is the man! I have seen numerous chiropractors, physio’s, osteo’s and other health practitioners over the years and he is by far the best I’ve seen. I always leave feeling not only physically better but enlightened and inspired about life and how to live it with grace and purpose.

  35. My first visit to see Daniel, I was in such pain, I thought it was the end of my sporting life….half an hour later, I could have cartwheeled out of his office, no hesitation in recommending. Thanks Daniel

  36. Daniel quickly identified a problem with my foot and fixed it over a few sessions. His treatment negated the option of surgery, which I now realise would have been detrimental to my overall health.
    He took the time to explain the science behind the ‘miracle’ he performed in his unique, interesting and fun way.
    Daniel is also able to identify the root cause of a problem, fix it and advise on better habits for improved health.
    In short he is a health and well-being genius!

  37. I had never been to an osteopath before but on my doctors recommendation went to see Daniel with chronic neck pain and restricted movement, something i thought I was just going to have to learn to put up with! I am pleased to say that after only a few sessions my neck has greatly improved to the point that I hardly think about it now.

  38. I have had back problems for years and have seen several different professionals with not much success, Until this year when I saw Daniel for the first time,So would highly recommend him to help you.

  39. Daniel is a brilliant osteopath. He explains the treatment process clearly, puts you at ease, and has made a real difference to several back and ankle injuries. I can’t recommend Daniel highly enough

  40. Daniel has helped me immensely, physically and mentally, would recommend to anyone. He’s brilliant and he is so down to earth. My husband Bruce also wishes to say how much Daniel has helped him with his shoulder and neck problem.

  41. Daniel is nothing short of amazing.
    I was suffering with ongoing lower back pain following two sets of spinal surgery and a water sport accident.
    Part osteo, part health and wellness coach, Daniel helped me with deal with, and recover from, both the physical and mental aspects of my back pain.
    Daniel is genuinely kind, caring and offers a very unique, fresh and effective approach to healthcare.
    I am very glad to have met him.

  42. I initially went to see Daniel for neck and shoulder pain. After about 5 treatments I mentioned I had a sore big toe. He examined my toe and found that I had Hallux Rigidus which is a frozen big toe joint. Now this can causes no end of problems in neck back and shoulders as well as being extremely painful. I thought the only way to fix my toe was surgery so I hadn’t mentioned it. Within 2 sessions Daniel had my toe joint moving and by the third appointment I was able to wear some of my favourite shoes without pain. My neck and shoulder problems seem to have disappeared also. I am so grateful to Daniel for his holistic approach to my health and well being. He help me to avoid possible surgery and I highly recommend to go and see him if you have any concerns.

  43. I have had ongoing injuries for years the main one being lower back pain that prevented me from practically all exercise. I have seen a multitude of specialists over the years, physio, chiropractor, acupuncturist, podiatrist, and various orthopedic surgeons. I have spent years doing rehabilitation exercises but never got any where but rather more and more injuries kept coming. Then I went to see Daniel, after only 2 sessions I have had an unbelievable turn around. Not only has my back pain gone, I have been able to get back into exercise. I had thought that surgery was the only option for me, but not any more! More importantly Daniel has given me a new outlook on life and helped me to start to rid my life of worry and stress, which its appears was not only aggravating my injuries but possibly causing them!

  44. I went to see Daniel a few months ago as i was experiencing extreme lower back pain .
    After a few weeks there was a huge improvement and now a few months on I am back working as a builder.
    I have seen many different Osteopaths , Chiropractors , Acupuncturists and Physiotherapists over the last 30 years and Daniels treatment has had the best results .
    Thank you Daniel .

  45. Dan has been amazing, I have had on-going sinus issues for years. Have now cancelled planned surgery as I am pain/discomfort free after many years. Really got a lot out of Dan’s style of treatment, and would absolutely recommend him to anyone.

  46. From my early twenties until early forties I suffered intermittent but severe back pain. I had seen doctors on several occasions but apart from receiving pain killers this achieved nothing. After a bit of persuasion from family members I agreed to see Daniel. Initially I had regular appointments and the pain eased reasonably quickly and only flared up again several times within the first 6 months of visiting Daniel. I now visit Daniel for a tune-up every 3 months and have had NO back pain for 18 months. Life is so much better without the pain!

  47. Daniel has been looking after my lower back for a few years now, i travel to him all the way from Piha to the Whangaparaoa Peninsula for 30 mins treatment.
    Amazing results and advice, he keeps me surfing.

  48. I saw Dan for knee and shoulder sports injuries, and he helped me a lot! He has such a broad knowledge on the body and the healing response that I finally felt I could be permanently free of long term injuries, that before I ‘managed’ but now I see a complete reversal of them. I would highly recommend Dan to anyone, he truly is amazing at what he does!

  49. I love exercise and extreme sports and over the years have treated my body like its a machine., I went to see Daniel because the pain from one of my injuries is inhibiting my lifestyle. I only had time for three sessions with him and for the short time he has spent with me, I feel equipped to get my body moving again without he pain. He has changed my way of thinking with regards to rehabilitation. I have always used “pain no gain” philosophy, but now realise a gentle approach is more effective to achieving a healthy body, and longevity. I felt like Daniel really cared about helping me, even though I wasn’t coming back to see him for six months as I am heading overseas. I highly recommend Daniel. Both he and Mandy are warm lovely people.

  50. Daniel is awesome and a brilliant Osteopath. I suffered with neck and shoulder pain for a couple of years and while Chiropractic treatment did not work, I finally went to see Daniel. He diagnosed by pain on first visit, and I am now free of the pain in my neck and frozen shoulder.

    Daniel truly believes in holistic healing. He has an amazing sense of humour and gives you that sense of feeling just great.

    Don’t even think about it, if you are suffering with any pain, do book a consultation with Daniel. He will point you in the right direction.

    Thanks Daniel!

  51. My daughter (10 years of age) was suffering with ongoing headaches day and night. All medication prescribed by Specialist doctors did not work. MRI Scans did not show any problems. I finally took my daughter to Daniel. In just 5 seconds Daniel diagnosed severely tight neck muscles that was the possible cause of these headaches. After just two sessions with Daniel my daughter is now free of these headaches and is without pain.

    Thanks again! Daniel for your Genius abilities.

  52. I have been seeing Daniel for over 3 years ,he has treated me for various injuries to neck and spine. Over a year ago I had a work accident injuring my shoulder.I visited a specialist and had a cortisone injection. This was good but wore off and after seeing the specialist again he insisted that I visit the physiotherapist. After almost 6 months I was getting worse had a frozen shoulder and the physio had run out of things to try. So I went to Daniel, and after 4 intense sessions I am starting to get full movement. Thanks Daniel.

  53. Six months ago I went to Daniel with a frozen shoulder – I now have a full range of movement and am pain free. He really encourages doing exercises at home in between the treatments which helps speed up the recovery process and it has worked for me. Thanks Daniel!!

  54. I first went to Daniel for sciatica back pain that had been problematic for a number of years and it was progressively getting worse. I was having difficulty walking comfortably and had broken nights sleep due to the back/leg pain.

    Daniel recommended a weekly treatment and exercise program and after 6-8 weeks I was pain free and had stopped taking the anti inflammatory tablets my doctor had prescribed.

    Daniel’s professional and friendly manner puts you at ease and I highly recommend his services for all your aches and pains.

  55. I first saw Daniel with sore shoulders & tight neck muscles. Within a short time I was pain free in one shoulder & this has now been just over a year. The other shoulder has taken a little longer to come right, but there had been periods during the past year where it was pain free, so I knew we would get there eventually – & that persistence has paid off! I have now been pain free in both shoulders & my neck for about 2 months & it’s been a revelation. You need to put some work in yourself with the prescribed exercises. I now know if I keep these up I will remain pretty much free of pain, or if it does come back, I know what to do about it. Thanks Daniel – as many others have said, you have changed lives for many people living with persistent pain & stiffness. I cannot recommend Daniel highly enough – don’t hesitate to see him.

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