until we have the all-clear to resume

In the meantime, I am releasing a range of videos to help you support yourselves.

Make use of this – If you would like me to make a video on a particular topic, make a comment in the comments box or go to my Facebook page here and post a comment about what you would like a video on.

I am able to support you by making videos about:

  • exercises to help you recover from injury
  • exercises to help you relax your body or your mind
  • advice on what to do if you have an injury or chronic pain condition

Introduction to this exercise series

Relaxing the jaw

How to relax and release tension from your jaw. This is really useful if you have a tight jaw, if you have a busy mind, or if you suffer from tension headaches.


How to move a very tight neck safely

How to loosen your spine while sitting in a chair (pt 1)

How to loosen ankles, knees and hips without straining

How to loosen fingers, wrist, elbow, and shoulder without straining

How to strengthen the upper body without using equipment


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  1. Marlies Whiitaker / 3-25-2020 / ·

    I was going to try and make an appointment but it is now too late. Is there anything I can do to help ease sciatic nerve pain? It seems ok in the day but when I lay down at night that is when the pain and numbness starts.

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