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What kind of treatment do you offer?

Predominantly structural osteopathy, this involves analyzing problems in your muscles, joints, and nerves, then correcting them using techniques like massage, stretching, mobilization, manipulation, and sometimes – exercise. These techniques are designed to loosen tight muscles, free restricted joints, and any exercises we prescribe will help strengthen specific parts of the body and increase flexibility.

What happens during my first treatment? 
Normally the session starts with taking your case history; it is then followed by an examination to diagnose your problem. Once we have an idea of what’s wrong we’ll chat about the findings and get an estimate of how long it will take for you to get better. Then we’ll discuss your treatment options, and finally ask for your consent to go ahead.

Will you give me any advice during treatment, to help my recovery? 
Yes, I believe that you and I share the responsibility for your well-being, so my treatment plans usually include some form of self-help program. This might be a set of exercises and education about what you should and should not be doing, as well as general advice about health and well-being.

Will your treatment  fix me?
In most cases it will, but in all honesty we can’t guarantee it (no one can). What we can guarantee though is that we will do everything we can to help you. In the unlikely event that you experience no improvement after three treatments you will be re-assessed, and if it seems that the treatment is not working we will stop.

Am I expected to have lots of treatment?
No, not at all, occasionally patients can get better after one treatment, most get better after 3-6 treatments, occasionally with complex or very long-term problems it can take longer, but if this is likely to be the case we’ll make sure we discuss it in depth.

ACC Questions

Can I get the ACC treatment subsidy if I come to you?
Yes, we are registered ACC treatment providers.

Do I need a referral to see you?
No, we are primary care practitioners so you don’t need a Doctor’s referral. Just make an appointment, and we can go from there.

Do you have ACC claims forms?
Yes, we have the ACC45 form for you to make a claim. And we can help you fill it out if needed.

What type of injury/problem will ACC pay for?
ACC will contribute to your fees if your problem was caused by an accident: for example, if you lifted something and hurt your back, or slipped and strained your knee.

If your problem has no direct relationship to an accident, for example you have an ongoing achy back, and you don’t know what caused it, then in all likelihood ACC won’t contribute towards treatment for that condition.

However please remember, your health is more valuable than the subsidy ACC may contribute to your treatment?

How much will ACC pay towards my treatment?
ACC will pay a proportion of your fee proportional to how long your treatment session lasts. For our list of fees and an overview of the amount of time I spend with you during treatments CLICK HERE.

How many treatments can I have if ACC approve my claim?
It depends on the injury. ACC claims are based on specific injury profiles that allocate a maximum number of treatments. For example, if your claim uses the profile for a lumbar strain (S572) ACC will subsidize you for 12 treatments. For the full list of the AAC treatment profiles osteopaths can use CLICK HERE.

How long does an ACC claim last for?
12 months, from the date of your first treatment.

What if I have other questions about my ACC claim?
You can Phone ACC (0800 101 996)  or visit their website to find out more about claims and how the claims process works.

How long do I have to complete my ACC subsidised treatments?
You have to start your treatment within 12 months of your ACC claim being accepted, and then you have a year from the date of your first treatment to complete your allocated number of subsidized treatments.

What happens if my existing treatment claim was arranged by someone else? 
If another practitioner submitted your ACC claim, you can still have treatment with us. Your claim relates to your injury not to the practitioner who treats you.

What do I need to bring to you if I want to use another ACC claim?
You need to show us the ACC paperwork relating to your claim, or we need to confirm with ACC directly that you have active cover: to do this we will need:

  • Your ACC45 form number
  • Date of your injury
  • ACC read code
  • How many (if any) Osteopathy treatments you have already had

If you don’t know this information you can Phone ACC (0800-101996) to find out.

If we cannot confirm you have an active claim, you will have to pay the regular fee. When cover is confirmed we will refund or credit you with any overpayment made.

What if I have used up my treatments with a physio or chiropractor?
ACC allows a set number of treatments with each different discipline, so if you use up your treatments with a physio, acupuncturist, or chiropractor, you can still start over with us because our clinic provides osteopathy treatment.

What if I have used up my ACC subsidy on treatments with another Osteopath?
If you have already used your allocated ACC subsidy with a different Osteopath then you will have to pay our regular fee. You can apply to ACC for further treatment subsidy, although you are not guaranteed to get it. In this case, we will need to fill out a ACC32 form and wait for written confirmation from ACC that it has been approved.

What if my ACC case officer says I can continue with treatment even though my claim period has expired. What happens next?
We get this situation often – its not straightforward, it works like this:  When one year has passed since your date of injury, we need to complete an ACC32 form, signed by you, to gain further ACC subsidy for your treatment. When this is approved, you will be allocated another series of treatments, the number of which depends on the injury.

If your ACC32 form application for subsidy is declined, you are still subsidized by ACC for the single treatment received at the time of completing the ACC32 form. However, further treatment will be at our regular fee. We cannot guarantee ACC will authorize further treatment.

Health and Disability Commissioner

What is the HDC?
The HDC provides a code of conduct that all osteopaths working in New Zealand are legally required to abide by.

Why do we have a HDC code?
The code protects you, the patient, and ensures you are treated with the level of respect you deserve. I am proud to adhere to the HDC codes.

Where can I find out more about HDC?
To visit the Health and Disability Commissioner (HDC) website CLICK HERE.


What is the OCNZ?
The Osteopathic Council of New Zealand (OCNZ) is a government regulated body set up to protect the public and ensure they receive the highest standards of healthcare from osteopaths in New Zealand.

Why do we need an OCNZ?
In the past osteopathy was a non-regulated profession, and that meant anyone could call themselves an osteopath. Nowadays only those people who have completed a full and recognized osteopathic education are allowed to apply to join the OCNZ.

What does it mean if an Osteopath is registered with OCNZ? 
Registered osteopaths have to maintain their place on the register by keeping up to date with their  education and by adhering to all the regulations laid down by the OCNZ.

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