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18 Polkinghorne Drive, Manly, Whangaparaoa 0930 09-424-7233 [email protected]

This page is not for public viewing. You are seeing it because you have been invited to join one of my  coaching programs. Please do not share this page with anyone else.

There are two programs on offer.

Touchbase: a 12-month coaching maintenance program
This plan is for existing clients only and is designed for those who want to stay on top of what we have already worked on. The idea is that we monitor and maintain everything we have gained and aim to mature and develop it so you can get optimum ongoing benefit.

The deal is, we meet once a month either in person or on video call, (typically 30 – 60 mins) we check in have a chat and continue coaching around the topics we have been working on. If required, you can also text or email me for support, or to ask questions at any time.

Deepdive: a 1 -month intensive coaching program
This is for new clients who would like intensive coaching support to help manage a major life challenge. Beware: this is not for the faint hearted, it is not therapy, it will be hard work, provocative, and challenging for you. This program is only for those who are keen to take full ownership of their situation and who are willing to do what it takes to get through it.

The deal is, you get whatever support you need unlimited access either in person at my place or via video call, via text and email. Once a week or once a day or whatever it takes.

If you go with the Touchbase program and a new and major issue comes up that requires more extensive coaching support, then we would look to upgrade from Touchbase to Deepdive until the problem is solved then we can go back to Touchbase.

• Touchbase: $300 per month or $3000 per year if paid in advance.
• Deepdive: $3000 per month or $7500 for three months if paid in advance

The monthly options are for a minimum of three-months.
Please set up a direct debit for the payment to go through at the same time every month.

If you join Touchbase or Deepdive your fee will remain grandfathered at the same rate until you decide stop the program.

Payment can be made into this account:
Please add your name as the reference

If you have any questions please ask.

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